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02 December 2018

Well, the race has finished and we crossed the Drake passage last night.  It certainly lived up to its reputation as the “Drake Shake”… We left Antarc ...
Posted By: Mick Hogan 1 Comments

29 November 2018

Day 3…imagine a massive sand dune… now picture running 600metres up it and 600metres down it… over and over and over for 10 hours… yep that was my day ...
Posted By: Jacqui Bell 0 Comments

29 November 2018

In the end we left the boat at 11am today (Thursday), and kicked off Stage 4 at around 12. We were told to prepare for a 7 hour day. I thought this wa ...
Posted By: Marisa Holman 6 Comments

30 November 2018

So that’s stage two done.    Was set on a Gentu penguin colony on Danco Island.   To get to the island it was a five-minute zodiac ride to ...
Posted By: Bryan Murphy 0 Comments

01 December 2018

Today we finished and got our medals. I am so happy to be done. My left knee is trashed it feels like bone crushing onto bone. My right ankle is swoll ...
Posted By: Scott Baldridge 1 Comments
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