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ZDNET: Digital Transformation: 10 Lessons from an Ultra Marathoner

Mar 18 2019   Being average is no longer an option. Defeating average in a digital economy requires companies and individuals to stretch themselves beyond what enabled their successful path in the past. Digital business transformation, like running ultra marathons, is grueling work.

PRACTICODEPORTE: Beatriz Garcia Successfully Meets her Extreme Challenge for New Zealand

Mar 16 2019   Beatriz Garcia Berche, the first Spanish woman who finished the 4Deserts and finished second in the Antarctic race, successfully completed a new challenge, a 250km race in New Zealand. 

TERRITORIOTRAIL: New Zealand Started 2019 of The 4 Deserts

Mar 15 2019   The South Island of New Zealand hosted in 2019 the "roving race", the itinerant test of Racing The Planet reviewed with Beatriz Garcia and Carlos Ultramarathon.

YOSOYNOTICIA.ES: Bea Garcia Berche, the Athlete that Diabetes Has Not Managed to Stop in Races Over 250km

Mar 14 2019   Bea Garcia Berche became the first Spanish woman to complete the challenge of the 4Deserts and also achieved it in the face of the adversity of diabetes.

NZHERALD: Team Search and Rescue from Taupō Tackle Tough Ultramarathon to Raise Money

Mar 07 2019   Team Search and Rescue is competing in the RacingThePlanet Ultramarathon this week.

SCMP: 4 Deserts Champion Gets Troubled Teens Back on Track

Mar 07 2019   Wong Ho-chung finds time between winning races to help youths with behavioural issues find a new path by coaching them to trail race.

PUBLIKA: The first Moldovan to enroll in RacingThePlanet ultramarathon: Iulian Bercu arrived in New Zealand

Mar 02 2019   Moldovan athlete Iulian Bercu arrived in New Zealand where he will run 250 kilometers along with 180 other athletes from 35 countries.

RADIO CAPITAL: Spain Radio Interview

Feb 26 2019   Radio Interview with Beatriz Garcia Berche.

PRACTICODEPORTE: Beatriz Garcia Challenges the Adventure in the New Zealand Desert

Feb 25 2019   Beatriz García Berché faces with her new challenge, a race of 250 kilometers in New Zealand, between 3 and March 9.

ESPN: Jax Mariash is Aiming to Make Ultrarunning History -- in perhaps the most unusual way possible

Feb 20 2019   Jax Mariash is attempting to become the first woman to win a self-supported stage race on all seven continents. With North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Antarctica already completed, the Ice Ultra represents Europe.

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